07 May 2011

Build Your Social Credibility on LinkedIn and Twitter

Build your Social Credibility on LinkedIn & Twitter
Invite your connections into Success With Twitter.

I was thinking about how so many people on LinkedIn are just confused about where to start with Twitter.

It is obvious from all of the questions we receive that LinkedIn users are not sure where how to best utilize Twitter, even though its an amazing business tool.

A person’s time on Twitter can be wasted quickly if the strategies are done wrong!

Success With Twitter is the BEST resource to your network on LinkedIn for Twitter.

Please think about sharing our LinkedIn Group with your network. Pick several people or even all of your connections to share with and you will be shocked at the positive response you will receive.

By sharing our group, your network and connections will:

~ Thank you,

~ See you as Caring, Thoughtful & Helpful,

~ Ask you about your Experiences, and

~ Start a dialogue with you.
*(the first step in creating real social success)

Share a twitter group you belong to on linkedin (Twitter Innovators Innovation & Creativity Network of Tweeters) is the largest with your Network:

Option 1 :

You can easily just copy this content below and share with as many of your connections as you think would benefit from it. This very simple process has and continues to bring great new interactions and dialogues with interesting people and prospects. I am certain it will do the same for you.

You can use or change any of this copy as you see appropriate. This is just a suggestion:


Just a thought...

As a personal connection, I want to make sure you are able to stay up to date on some of the best Twitter Strategies I have found.

I recently joined this group and thought you would enjoy it as well as part of my network. There are some amazing articles, advice, support, videos and audios all available for free.

In my opinion, this group is the best way to positively help your business or personal objectives using Twitter.

I would like to personally invite you to join this group with me.

It is called .

To access the articles join the Twitter Innovators Innovation & Creativity Network of Tweeters:

I hope this brings you some insight and value.


~ (your Name) ~

Well, hopefully this will help you add personal credibility and help you to achieve your personal and business objectives on LinkedIn.

Giving value is one of the most important parts.
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