05 July 2012

Huntsy about Your Job Search?

Looking for a job can be an extremely time consuming and at times.
Whether it’s the actual search itself and the hours spent searching  jobs boards and company websites or the practical elements like creating a well written resume, monitoring and tracking of what you have applied for. It takes time and also requires real focus and organization skills to do it well.
Discover Huntsy - An online dashboard for your Job Search. 

Huntsy is a bit like combining Hootsuite and Pinterest which will help reduce the time you spend searching for a job online.

It only takes a few minutes to create an account, next you can add saved searches from websites such as IndeedSimply HiredCareerBuilder, etc. You can save any jobs that interest you by clicking the bookmarklet or by adding a job manually to the dashboard. You do this directly through job boards and listings. Huntsy widget then extracts the most relevant information from the job listing – the company details, the job title etc.
The dashboard then allows you to keep track of your job search history, where you have applied, interview schedules, what you need to follow up on etc. Huntsy provides you with timed reminder options and to do lists so your job hunting is fully organized! 

You can also connect your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and Huntsy will scan your social networks to find potential contacts for each job listing. 
This tool helps job seekers find connections they might not have been aware of who can help with your job search.
Huntsy is quick and easy to install.
Give it a try if you need help keeping your job search organized.

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