29 July 2013

Are You Making Strong Impressions During An Interview..And Landing The Job!

How Do You Ace The Interview?

Relatively few people actually blow the interview.  The problem is that they fail to impress the interviewer with their capabilities and, thus, are easily forgotten as candidates.  This often occurs because individuals tend to talk in generalities in the interview rather than articulating specific accomplishments and achievements.  Describing your past experiences by using stories or anecdotes is one of the most effective means of impressing a recruiter.  

Using stories to describe your accomplishments helps you stand out and be remembered.  The reason this is true has to do with one of the basic premises of adult education.  Adults tend to remember examples better than they remember facts.  Thus, if you list off a string of strengths such as resourcefulness, articulate, and pleasant to be around, no one will remember what you said fifteen minutes after you leave the interview.  Moreover, by simply articulating a laundry list of strengths, you are not backing up your claim.  Maybe these really are strengths, but who knows?  By describing situations in which you demonstrated those strengths, you will both convince the interviewer that these are indeed strengths of yours and you will have a higher probability of being remembered after the interview is over.  

Telling stories about your background is a skill.  Some people are naturally good at it while others are not.  However, it is a skill that most people can master with a little practice.  The trick is to establish a format for your anecdotes.  This will enable you to avoid being too brief or overly long-winded.  The acronym STAR is often helpful in providing this framework.