30 June 2014

Listing References For A Job?

Do you need to know how to list references for a job? Some employers actually do check references in order to see how you performed on a job, how long you held the position, etc. You should always have your list ready when you are searching for work, but how should you lay it out? The tips below offer information regarding how to list references for a job, so that you can do it correctly and gain the most benefit. 

What exactly is a reference list? If a prospective employer has ever asked for this and you weren't certain, it is simply a list of names and contact information of those you have worked for in the past. These individuals should be able to give a reference regarding your work ethics, attendance history, and other details about your job performance to a potential employer. 

1. Give good references. When you create your job reference list, it's important that you give the names and contact information of those that you know will give you a good reference. Before you list former employers on this list, contact them and make sure they don't mind, and that they will give you a positive recommendation. This will help them be prepared for the call, and it won't come as a total surprise. 

2. Continue with the style of your resume. If you have written a resume, write your job reference list using the same style and font, so that all of the documents you submit match. This is simply meant to help you present yourself in a professional manner. 

3. Create a separate page for your list of references. It is important that you job reference list is on a page all its own, as many employers will pull this page out when contacting former employers (and it just looks organized and professional.) Title the page "Reference List" at the top, and center this at the top of the page in a bold font, preferably Arial, New Roman or Verdana for easy reading. 

4. How to lay out each individual reference. When creating your list of job references, simply list the contact person's full name on the first line, such as "Ms.Anne Greenway." Their job title goes on the second line, and the name of the company where they work goes on the third line. The street address and city and state with zip code are placed on the fourth and fifth lines respectively. Last, you will want to list the phone number on the sixth line, followed by the email address on line seven. 

5. List your best references first. If you provide a list of 4 or 5 job references, a prospective employer is likely to call the first 3 on the list. List those references that are likely to give you a glowing recommendation at the top, so that employers contact them first. 

If you need to know how to list references for a job, follow the tips above. A positive recommendation from several previous employers can make a significant impact on whether or not you obtain the job!