Interview Tips

• Take a portfolio with a notebook and a couple of copies of your resume.

• I encourage you to take lots of notes.  You, of course, will not remember everything and you will want to refer back to your notes when making a decision about the position. • Of course wear something professional and conservative.

• If asked to fill out an application fill in every blank – lots of times the resume doesn’t end up in your file with the application and you don’t want any information missing on it.  Under salary requirements use ‘open’ or ‘negotiable’.  If you give a figure it will either under-price or over-price yourself.

• It’s too early to talk about salary.  If asked about what you are looking for or something like that, just be as generic as you can be.  I like to say something like "You know what I am currently making and I’m sure that whatever you would offer me would be fair and reasonable in today’s market place.”

• Be sure to have three strengths and one weakness in mind and ready to talk about.

• Be sure to have short term and long term goal issues sorted out in your mind.

• It is nice to compliment one person to another and DON’T FORGET to thank every person with whom you meet for his or her time.

• Pick up business cards from everyone so you will have the correct spelling, title and address to send a hand-written thank you note.  Nowadays people use email to send thank you notes – I think that is fine as well, but my personal preference is send a hand-written thank you adding a little something personal in each one.

• Speak in terms of I will, I shall, I can, etc. so as to plant a mental seed about your already doing the job and working there.

• A good way to lead into the interview is to say something like “I know about the responsibilities, could you please elaborate on what you have in mind for this position?”

• You are your own best sales person!  Toot your horn!  Sell yourself!  Quantify, talk specifics, give details, talk numbers, profitability, special projects, give specific, hands on, situational examples.

VERY IMPORTANT!!  If you are excited about the job ASK FOR IT! A couple of good ways to do that at the conclusion of an interview are to say “I want you to know I am very excited about this opportunity and I want to come and work for you.”, “Thank you for your time and I want you to know that I am very excited about this opportunity – where do we go from here?”

• Let them know: why you want the job, why you feel this would be a good career move for you, why it makes sense for you to be there interviewing, why you think it is a good job and reiterate why you would be motivated to take this job.

• Smile and maintain consistent good eye contact.

• Keep in mind your realistic goals for this interview.  
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